14 may
posted : Mal. 2 : the 144 must understand the Gate theme
… second of a series of ‘final versions’ — this one was very corrupted ;
dream :
… actually repeated several times , “it is the Pharaoh’s birthday” 
which is highly unusual
(but the dream ‘refused to expand upon that theme’ , just this) ;
the first thing coming to mind is the timeframe , right now before Passover ,
and compare Ez. 42 “on this day the king of Babylon invaded Eden”
followed by a description of “how he sacrificed our Originals” 
(alternatively : this day my people went to Mystery-Babylon)    —
we still hope that these days the evil realm will be sacrificed
Occult Ritual :
… not so important yet telling : the so-called ‘alien’ “doorway on Mars” 
from Esau’s Rover team filming in the hills of Greenland
    (wionews com)



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