14 may                                                                                                                                 still 1 month ?
the ‘forty days’ of Acts 1 : likely also in “the walking on the water” 
… the heartache so bad , drinking is not an option , some of us really at their end
and not able to fight illness anymore — we have to know what is with a date ;
call it being obsessed , call it overdone , but it’s a life or death problem :
the so-called “walking on the water” event : see (page) what we have , so far :
but they (‘you + we’) will not see me ,
and they will be battered by the waiting
because the days will seem endless to them ;
but fourty days after passover ,                              +                     [in text : “fourth + watch”]
I will come unto them as returning upon the clouds ,         
and will no longer pass by (‘disregard’) them ;
and when the sons (‘144’) will see me returning upon the clouds ,
they will no longer be troubled , saying :
it is He !
… it may seem a far-fetched restoration but why can “walking + upon + water” not
have been “returning + upon + clouds” ? , and what was “fourth + watch” doing there ?
also note how this section neatly follows upon the (corrupt-) “feeding the multitude” ;
if ’40 days’ can be true , we still have 30 to go 
          your Majesty … you never say nothing which we could also find in the text ,
          we’ve learned that … it’s such a trauma this whole date thing .. the neverending
          waiting … all we want is to be with you but these hurdles are so murderous …
          please always forgive us immediately and completely



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