14 november [day 6]
posted : Is.66 [13-24] : the sun going Dark is the day in the 9th month in the 70th year
… please see inside ; “the acceptable year [‘day’] + Eve rescued + the sun going dark
as the 6th seal + as our date + “at the end of the 70th year” as Overall Completed Time
all belong together — but only the “9” remains unsure since we cannot prove that one
        your Majesty … the section was so in-credibly corrupted … but you helped because
        always the next word showed … so you must have found this one important
        and indeed it reads like a train
        but we suffer burnout … last time was one too much … yet now again  searching
        with tired mind for our escape which may or may not  come to pass … causing us to 
        be in such an awkward position towards you for long gone are the days of expectant
        waiting and there’s no power left to fire that up again …
        honestly – IF any say 40 days from now date would come to pass , it would be akin
        to the cavalry with bright new tanks showing up to help the total worn out troops
        in their shot-to-barrels hideout while the war had just before ended 
        the only thing we can do is to survive till that day as honorfully as possible ,
        whatever still can be ‘honorable’ in this shot down holdout lacking food and meds
        and blankets without. even. your. assurance. that. it. will. be. ‘soon’.  …
        yes we are sorry too  



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