14 october
.. okay ; concerning the twig the falcon stole (in Ez.) :
we found this theme in the Spells , where this twig                     
is both “a stalk and a flame” , see to right ;
– now ; the living eden-waters (think ‘light-particles’)
fed the eden-tree , hence he brough forth fruit ,
in the top of the tree , at that twig (or perhaps ‘flaming twig’) 
the light-particles became “(potential-) words”  —
(lruss com)

as “light-particles which can form creations – when directed by speech” ;
compare “speaking into existence” as THE main theme of the first Genesis chapters ;
— after eden fell ,
the tree of life remained at (eden’s) executive-region (the hand now as Damascus) , 
but [quotes:] “the falcon [=Horus] stole that twig” and “brought it to their realm” ,
so thát “the eden-waters – within the eden-tree – would come TO the stalk” ,
and herewith their realm created “the Nile”, as the watercourse flowing TO them 
then they turned the light-particles (as potential words) into their words ,
and therewith they obtained the ability to make théir creations ;

CT 242 tells : that twig (‘flame’) “empowers théir pillar of fire” – as stolen concept ,
and how that pillar “distributes the (-now ‘cleaned’ eden-) light-particles in their land”,
therewith “giving life to the Ba spirit-bodies (of the corrupt-adam-souls there)”   —
every concept they use are stolen or mutilated eden-concepts :
even their Ba-bird-body was composed from aspects of our (tortured-) Originals 
we posted this log to have this theme legally declared now already ,
(all spells about this theme are up to 40 pages long – and that will take time)
because it may well be ‘the bar of Egypt which I will break’
(but should read “the staff I will make to return (shbr=shb)”



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