14 september
dream – “at 9AM it is the 2nd” (i.e , the start of the third year)
… with the three or four of us , we guys were in the back
of a helicopter which flew high over a mountain valley ,
the mountain range felt to be somewhere in mid-Asia ;

and we were discussing “what stood upon mt.tsiun”
(while the helicopter was heading to her..?) —
they thought “that Henoch wrote how a small bathroom
stood on its top”, while I was sure that word had been
corrupted and had been “the tree (of life)”, instead ;
– then the “at 9AM it’s the 2nd” came from somewhere ,
I knew it was about the 3d year starting and it woke me

iran (pinterest)

third year timeframe
… we saw that the change will happen “in the third year”
but dreams like this are dangerous — is it positive or negative ?
— the positive aspect is “that Christ woke early at the third day”
so it may be ány day from now on ;
but even a month is long … let alone five or more …

… it’s a bit unclear how Henoch came here (he still lived in original eden) ,
while ‘the sky’ is the typical attribute of Judah ,
and then there is the “9” (often related with ‘judgment’) —
Sir , a follow-up dream perhaps ..?



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