15 april                                                                                                                 26 days still
posted : theme : the (not 10 but-) 7 commandments 
… we were extremely careful with this one – and hope you agree ;
the first four remain – ofcourse – the same , but the problem is now “how to phrase the final three”
dream :
only one scene remained : upon a cubicle (-or something) had been placed a male that just died
and he was the person who , through all the past years , represented ‘Adam’     —
weirdly he was dressed in a blueish-black sharp suit , inclusive tie , and there was a notion
that “all the small stars behind him and between his limbs were not there anymore” 
            pondering it upon waking , the dream is positive because Adam is about to die 
            (eventhough perhaps it will be only “when the sun will go black” because in prophets is
            that the Nile towards them will be cut-off : so it will stop feeding him ánd this sun)
            perhaps it was about this 7 commandments theme — it happened before that a dream
            preceded a certain theme that was worked out the (same-) day , and in this case the
            suit may have represented ‘that of a lawyer’ , so , about Legal Right
            by which he still imprisoned ‘stars’ : probably a number of the 144 … comp. Daniel 12
                    your Majesty , 
                    if there is anything that we have not seen or solved please tell so the next 24 hrs ,
                    just please promise that we were not wrong in the Date
                    even it was distilled from the context of restored texts  we still hold it >95% probable
                    … but please come for us cause we had so enough



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