15 february
posted (1 of 2) Is. 58 : Unleavened is ‘the day of acceptance of IEUE’ 
        [core !]  
… after disappointing attempts in NT she came out very well , so far  —
this type chapter is very important and wrong interpretation would be fatal
but more and more the chance that Unleavened is our date is astronomical
16 february
posted : full : Isaiah 58

… and to be fair — she wholly came out as a gem ;
intro is rewritten because indeed she is one of the most dangerous chapters so far
simply because she almost demánds that we make a decision considered our date
          … a bit more than 11 weeks to go Sir … she don’t want to complain but even
          that fluttering consciousness – the only thing left – is exhausted … and the only
          thing keeping her alive is to read what you have said
          it seems that “the wooden poker rescued from the fire” is more true than we
          perhaps may have expected … for we will have ab-so-lute-ly nothing left when
          we will meet you , nothing at all : right now , by that time a hot shower , a meal 
          and then sleep forever would seem very attractive
          yes it’s silly cause we know the promises … but they’re as far away as you are 



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