16 june : [see below] 
15 june
                                                                                                                                               +/- 9 days
posted : full : Hab.2 : Adam judged after us declaring his crimes
… second half came out the same beautifully and is no less impressive ;
we’re still searching – and listening – if we could find confirmation of our date elsewhere
or in another theme but we seem to have reached the limit : perhaps this chapter is the
closing argument supporting our date … ?
[while we’re still looking for a meaning of the dream – see inside] 
           if you would only be proud your Majesty … you never did nothing wrong yet had
           to wait ages until now … we haven’t even started to ponder what  monster he is ,
           while still you have problems with us until you’d get us out of this ape ..
           promise that we have not misunderstood next weekend … promise
[16 june :] 
posted : docufilm ‘Belly of the Beast’



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