15 March
sigh , waking up in darkness again … – really : so sorry to you for the jojo type logs …
– the dream : travelling on small roads through
the very green forests of the high mountains
of Bohemia (..again) ; then a kind family from
the city of ‘Gera’ had lent their small white car ;
but without map I got totally lost in the evening
and in that town I realized I’d have to somehow
even retúrn that car – it was a mess
on top of that a youngster (there) I hold dear
bitterly resented me and I woke

there is no connection yet this is the fourth time
about ‘Bohemia’ — looking into it , the only link
could be ‘Arsareth’ , the region where the ‘lost’
10 tribes went to after their exile in Assyria ;
(orange : Bohemia region , 450-0 BC ,
laTene culture – of the 10 tribes ?)
but this theme is such a can of worms that the question is “is it wórth to look into ?” ;
and how that should be related to NOW ? … or does it just represent , f.e. , mt. tsiun ?
yet the German city Gera exists – at the border of Bohemia , and if considered under
an old-hebraic root it would be “strife” (-gar) — as linking to this bitter youth .. ?
please don’t tell that again the young ones of the 144 are in trouble ..?
(and why is the Vatican constantly calling Ukraine ‘the heart-land’ instead of Bohemia ?)

then this – from yesterday ; the phrase “ancient language” stood out :
just observing what he says (see section halfway vid) it sounds like “the golden beam”
can be a “re-connection” , perhaps read ‘door’ because of ancient language —
and see previous logs
… please don’t forget to plead for the (new young ones of-) the 144 ;
they are sweet souls like us — bit strange to write that ATM but you get the point —
and it must be horrible for them to be under the Flak of so much confusion …



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