15 march
posted : Hosea 1 : the return to Eden through the birth-right ; from 800 BC till now

… also a “leaven” appears in Hosea — but the context is so in cre di ble corrupted
that there was no option as to start from scratch – all the way from this chapter 1
which runs very well now ; while next 2 (-about the eden land) will go more quickly
         your Majesty … you always help with the chapters , that is evident …
         you see how we treat your words ; it is good that you do … and it’s also good ,
         though lonely , that you don’t look at us … so that you won’t make us constantly
        blush because of that cursed ape we are in … – 55 days … 55 days until you
        will finally get us out please …  



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