15 may
posted : Mal. 3 – why many believers are left behind
… sober chapter but we’re 100% sure about the interpretation
moon :
– is only full tomorrow morning … it’s all still possible , even plus the 7 days ,
but it’s too devastating to consider the option that nóthing will happen …

occult Ritual :
the ‘Buffalo store shooting’ from last night 
as ‘Adam’ fighting against ‘replacement’
(masked as a white-supremacy case) so
the message is against us – and see pic ; 
again some invented ‘manifesto’ , linking to
the Christ-church Ritual a few years ago ,
where ‘buffalo’ is the animal of Adam per
Rg-Veda , the “son-in-law” is through Eve ;
do note the mock-pre-Passover scene
while the perpetrator pleaded ‘not guilty’ ;
Adam using this patsy for his own fate
      (nbatitlechase com);
                      (taken from the ‘manifesto’ copied PDF ;
                       we interpret last line as ‘our Originals’)




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