15 may                                                                                                                            still 29 / 39 days
posted : it looks like our date is … Pentecost — as “double feast”
… please see page for listed reasons ;
the two most important features of Pentecost – 39 days still – are the ‘the Jubilee’ aspect
(the acceptable day theme) as “the 50th” , also showing in the Isaiah chapter which then
continues describing the 144 rebuilding eden ,
but also our link with “the disciples and their people” :
as if Pentecost started with them and ends with us  — hence we termed it “double feast” ;
if Maria can post it today the close link shows in the unexpected and kind 1 Corinthians 16 ;
… we must then accept that the week of Unleavened was “a fractal week” as the blueprint
for the total of 7 weeks  culminating in Pentecost
[wherewith , likely , neither yesterday’s “40 days” are valid – though we still investigate] ; 
perhaps curious : 24 (?) June (or July?) last year the sweet female Original visited ,
and also His in-cre-dible kindness … as a one year timeframe ?
           your Majesty … I never was angry on you past weekend , you know that … but it was
           frustration from pressure … and actually now I’m sad — perhaps because of feeling
           the words in the Corinthians chapter , showing that perhaps Pentecost is indeed true ;
           he wrote the words as if their life depended upon it – and in a way it does ,
           and we don’t want to let you down , nor them 
           and we haven’t : we still fight … we’ll get that final 5% as well 
           and if you help us soon we will be amazed about your magnificent Kindness     
[may 16 :]
posted : full page 1 Cor.16 — and she is a beauty ;
also an important section of John 4 is ready but perhaps for tomorrow
           Majesty … either “you are not happy” or “you are not interested” ,
           this is what is permeating the background … but it would be horrible
           if it is “not happy with us” — that is worse as if you’d be angry with us … 
           so perhaps it’s not “with us” ; it’s difficult to sense whom it is directed to
           … – then we just continue in silence 
           and see what we can find more … while hoping you come back


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