15 november
window +3 days (?)
— ‘and Christ showed Himself the 3d day the feast of tabernacles’ (Jn.7)
— the transfiguration : “make 3 tabernacles”  [=corrupted : but compare !]
please  —
you know we don’t do ‘date setting’ – who cares , right – but we refuse to let go of
the “3d year” , yet we desperately need a palpable timeframe or it’s game over for us ;
it seems like scraping the barrel (well it IS) but ‘His attention’ past Saturday + 3d day
can mean today indeed is the first day of Tabernacles (and see end of log)   —
hence we looked at John 7 :
       though 7 is corrupted it seems valid that ‘He went up the third day of the feast’ 
       and started to teach – read : ‘the scroll’ theme ; interestingly lines 27b and 31 write
       “when Christ may be coming” so this was about His return , as a theme which 
       the Pharisees or Jews , see text , always wanted to know in order to BLOCK it ,
       and that the theme IS ‘His return’ was already shown by ‘the going up on the 3d day’ 
       (more we cannot derive : the whole section about ‘Moses’ ‘the law’ and ‘circumcision’ 
       is ofcourse corrupt and must have been ‘Moses=God gave the circumcision=scroll’ etc) ;
the ‘3 tabernacles’ (Mt.17, Mk.9) :
… the Transfiguration is definitively a depiction of the rescue of the 144 , not only through
the text but also through the flanking two witnesses ; while the theme of “changed garments”
matches the feast of Tabernacles – which is about our Originals
now : the term ‘feast of Tabernacles’ in Greek is “the setup + of tents” and appears just once
as whole phrase , while Peter here supposedly says “let us MAKE three tents” [=nonsense] : 
it then was not Peter who spoke but he was spoken TO : how much is the chance it has said 
“the setup + of tents” – as in the feast – as an indication that He returns during that feast ? 
         perhaps even a ‘three’ was involved as “halfway” or “at the 3d day” since the context
         suggests ‘an event of multiple days’ — or why write “at the sixth day” (Mk.9:2) ? ,
         yet that detail would be too tricky to restore and remains too speculative 
         thing is that now the themes of both John 7 and Mark 9 are linked , and there is
         a good chance that the Transfiguration event was the real intro óf John 7 ..  
but – is it possible … ?
… we really don’t know — we do nothing else as but trying to understand , don’t we ; 
though there is no ‘break’ (‘a halfway’) during Booths in prophets , John 7 suggests there is ,
strengthened there by Christ at the end of Booths speaking to the people in general (line 37) 
which can be interpreted as “to all of (saved-) Jacob” after the sécond half of that week 
[where the first half was ‘as it were in secret’ , line 10b , related to the 144] ;

Sir in reality it feels like postponing execution … – then please say that the above is right …  



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