15 october
posted : full : Is. 33+32+31 : ‘the betrayer – Adam – betrayed’
these type chapters take much time but also this one came out well ;

Trumpets : this 26-27 October
new moon :
apr  30       (passover: 14 may)                 
may 30
jun   28
jul    28
aug  27
sep  25
oct   25       (start of 7th month)
    sun almost in Aries – 23 apr ’22

this summer a YT channel showed the sun full in Aries during Spring
and quoted Josephus who wrote that “the first month starts when the sun is
in the constellation of Aries” — which happened to be in May of this year ;
befóre May we made the Time Drift page , concluding that the barley harvest
simply was too early for April to be the first month , and that the reason for this
discrepancy must be the cycle of the moon    —
now , the Time Drift explains why ‘the 1st month’ has “moved one month up” 
over the course of 2000 years – which is no problem at all ; though some use 
Stellarium to disprove Josephus by showing that these days the sun rises in 
another Zodiac during April (yet the ‘proof’ supports their desire ‘to keep April’) ;  
but we consider that projection (!) invalid because it discards Real Time which
is immediately linked to the mentioned crop growth 
(and yes holding on to Real Time would imply that IF this world would continue 
longer the calendars eventually would need to be reset : but that won’t happen) 
and remember Enoch’s words “they will err in the Times , in the end of days” ;
         you will find only two channels that address ‘this October 26-27’ ,
         yet considered you and we that timeframe would match perfectly :
         not first because of any zodiacal clock but because of the ‘in the third year’ 
         since we’re 3 y 6 months underway now (and factually 3 y 10 months) ;
         while a notable sub-reason is “the calm before the storm” these days ,
         described as ‘the horses that will not harm the earth — yet’ : it is as if Esau is
         waiting (or: ‘ordered to wait’ ?) with his already prepared implosion of society …              
having said that ,
… if not a Spell throughout the days then it is a knot in the stomach  —
because He is silent , not giving any confirmation , and the idea that this date 
could come and go without anything happening truly is a horror scenario …
– yes in a previous chapter it said “you will rejoice when Christ returns” – alright ,
but until the moment one is called up it’s more like anxiously waiting for the result 
of the final test of a University (while trying to be brave) … 
         because it does not matter , you see , what opinion we have about ourselves :
         the only thing that matters is God’s opinion — only that will get you and we out ;
         therefore stay brave , plead for all of us and that indeed we have 11 days still ..  
[10/16 :]
– without words [just let it be …]

[10/17 :]
posted (full) : Is. 36+37 ‘a 500 BC event : Adam not to destroy the 144’
as a literal event having a prophetic meaning
— then , and how strange after yesterday , a Vatican linked foundation wants
1 million children to pray tomorrow , using (!) them against us :
in the links you will see the theme is “the prodigal son” (and compare yesterday) ,
“will Christ find faith when he returns” (we saw it is ‘he will return when…’) ,
“children having the most impact on God” (that’s why Esau needs them) 
because they are defending this earth – see logo header of the video ,
as a continuation of the Fatima Ritual of last March  –
whatever he wanted , the Ritual is annulled
[1] , [2]
acn-canada.org/one-million-children [link removed]  



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