15 oktober
Canada to build (‘covid quarantine’- ) camps
… we are most careful to doublecheck things like this ,
yet it appears genuine per video — imagine what type people
Canaan can all imprison in his camps ‘for not cooperating’…
– though totally ignored by MSM and deleted from the internet
we did find another quote from this same MP ,
“the Premier has been actively dodging any questions
since July. […] After this exchange I’m not even sure
if the President and his Cabinet know what’s going on
regarding the Federal Government considering the expansion
of isolation/quarantine facilities from coast to coast”
Ofcourse Canaan ‘knows about this’.
The PDF of the official tender (requesting companies to build it)
shows here [2] where the closingdate is October 19 ; we did find three
other links to verify this PDF but they were made blank or were 404’d ;

(YT channel of Canadian MP)

halturnerradioshow.com / canada-going-tyrannical-2nd-total-
lockdown-isolation-camps-for-refusers (link removed)
[3] first broke on : rebelnews com :
Doug Ford government won’t deny COVID-19
quarantine camps are coming to Ontario



15 oktober
posted : were the Prophets deliberately mistranslated ?
… see theme section ;

2) reviewed the ‘who are the 144,000 ?’; now definitive ;



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