15 september
occult Ritual : Second Coming of Jesus [-has already happened]

… first from Esau’s POV :
(both depictions : Newsweek)
the title of his ritual does not
appear in the billboard itself
but is showing his intention ;
in fact it’s a double theme
(hence both shown verses) :
the one in top is from Isaiah 9
and refers to Christ , the other
about ‘the heirs’ aka the sons
(who are ofcourse the 144) ;
our POV :
… a ‘Washington Post reporter’
spotted the billboard first ,
showing us that it’s Esau’s set-up ;

remember that “souls agreeing that an event happened”
is the core of any Ritual – in this case ‘that the billboard exists’
(not agreeing with the message is still agreeing that it’s there) ;
and we’re rather sure Esau got his idea from an Alabama rally
past month “I’m [pleased] to announce the second coming
of President Donald Trump !” Brooks said.” [2] ,
and we spótted that in August but it had no context ;
conclusion :
… though we know that both shown verses are partly corrupted ,
this Ritual shows that Esau knows exactly what is going on




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