16 april                                                                                                                25 days still
posted : the seven commandments — restored text
… buildup looks good ; tomorrow some observations to add still
dream :
… at nightfall , the few of us stood next to our parked car at the festival ground ,
its doors could not close because of the stuff packed inside it , when a couple of thugs 
stood behind the open hatch , looking for the different bundles of cash inbetween the stuff ;
but walking towards them they took off , and the reason they was there was because the
organization had deliberately placed signs ‘to the lavatories’ as creating a path along our place
           … the ‘cash’ has always been “attributes” in previous dreams ,
           the ‘lavatories’ may be the same as Esau “wanting us down the drain” — to fail ,
           while the ‘festival’ can just be “this world” but it may also be the Satanic ten (holi-) days
           until Beltaine May 1st … – just promise that you be careful the next series of days …



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