16 august
we’ve a good feeling about how the text of ‘the seven trumpets’ worked out ;
hoping it is the final Legal case , Sir ;
… but the KJV “seven vials” chapter is SO corrupt , it’s incredible
(largest corruption there : ‘Armageddon’ has nothing to do with “this earth”)
that we’re not even sure we’re áble to restore that one

we knew that ‘sex’ is an exquisite Trap for male
(nowadays presented as Esau’s demasculizing porn) ;
but the weird sensation to feel that the frontal lobe
(related to ‘imagery’) púshes desires ,
linking the imagery by an invisible thread to the soul ,
causing the latter “to wear like a (non-visor) helmet”
which immediately makes her deaf and blind [-for God]
gave much to ponder about …
– yet it immediately explains the Amos chapters ,
and – by extension – why Esau censors everything bút porn ;
don’t think that ‘marriage’ is exempt from this —
that is but ‘legalized rape’ : as “a necessary evil”
… our males should stay away from all of this theme –
and “just resist it – because then it will flee”
(don’t worry about the sex theme : the female Originals will cover it)

we just pray that the last ones of the 144,000 drip in , now ;
because Esau seems to keep up his schedule about end-September ,
per the NASA Ritual about the 24th – see log :
the 1000 $ ‘before October’, see log ,
the ‘US army inoculated before September 15 ;
the DHS raising threat alarm ‘about sept 11 and after’ ;
France and Germany maintaining the Sept 15 date —
… we’re no sightseers … but do see it’s getting tight Sir …



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