16 august
posted :    Mic. 3 : our Originals tortured and our soul put on earth
valuable and readable chapter ;
— there was a hiccup in Micah 2 so that will be for tomorrow
— interesting OP : https://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1316567/pg1
though he is a non-christian (and probably a Lightworker) he is spot on

… yes true it’s but a dream (3 days ago)     >>
but we always scrape the barrel , do we not ? ;    
— because the main piece is about ‘the word’ ,
the other beads must be “chapters’ – and yes
we consider many of them as gems ; some do
have a hard message : as the black beads ;
therefore the ‘R’ must be the ‘restored’ ones
(another meaning we leave for now) which she
does not know about – followed by a description
of the 144 ;
let’s hope that “it was only a thread away from
being clasped (closed)” : and that a 24th is valid –



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