16 january
– we wondered already what about Esau’s Rituals :
you and we as the “lone” attacker took back “three”
persons (for Ritual reasons dowgraded from 4 to 3)
in “the house Ishral” – read : the 144,000 – wanting
“freedom for the Lady” called “the vital righteous one” ;
within “the place of swarths” (Cham on earth)
which is part of “the Yew (family-) tree” [‘Texas’] ;

             (Texas synagogue ritual)

at the eve of “Tu Bishvat” , another one of Esau’s occult feasts as one of four (!) ‘New Years’
(either at the 1st or 15th of a month – as a remains of his ówn corrupted moon-theme) ,
as a day “where is decided whether firstfruits (!) are removed – or not” , but in his occult lore
linked to “as above so below” because “Man is a Tree of the Field (Deut.20:19)” ,
which’ context turns this theme in the concept “family tree”,
hence the ‘Lady’ – he called ‘sister’, sic – was imprisoned in the fortress (‘ earth’ , see CT 573) ;
… interpretation : belonging to the same awful theme of the first half of this January —
the both sons are the both Houses and the lamb is the main aspect of thém
namely sacrificed i.e purified , but the decayed fat had to be removed (compare yesterday) ,
UPD.: right … so a guy “having mental problems” (read islam)
“having a criminal record” is allowed entrance to the US from UK ,
then going to the middle of nowhere , “probably sleeping in a shelter”
and “buying a gun on the streets”, only to be shot (?) áfter he had
let the final people walk free … Esau needs fire his script writers



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