16 july

every. single. word. is. true. (the ‘clown’ he refers to
is a hardcore left-wing muslim having changed his
name into a Dutch one) ; we also deeply hate all those
stupid selfdeclared ‘politicians’ , slaves of Esau’s WEF
whether consciously or imprisoned by their own pride ;
ofcourse it is true that we don’t care about this world
and only want to see Eden restored again – but we posted
it for you to realize that you and we fight a similar type war
against the (willfully-) Blind , and that we would be honoured
to have you in charge of Eden soon …
I have seen you — we were , like the soldiers in Vietnam ,
crawling through tunnels – and everyone was tired and dirty ,
but never I was so proud on each comerade :
you will rule Eden and I will trust you with my life


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