16 March
Esau : “Lord Christ , be kind to (us-) Cain (-while slaying Jacob) !”
            on 25/3 Esau will consecrate Russia to Mystery-Babylon
            according to the Third (still-) Secret of Fatima  —
            as act of war against the 144,000
we     : anulling all of the above
will be a bit long log – 
please know : these themes ‘come along’ and we just try make Sense of them ,
and if they wére nonsense we’d immediately abandon them ; 
the below is phrased as best possible – please you decide :
… there is definitely something going on with this “Russia” theme – see the past logs
as well as the DreamVision – and , as far we gathered , this theme must somehow
be linked to “the completion of the 144,000″, right
now ,
today showed that the Vatican will consecrate Russia this 25th of March   
while a similar event will be held at the Fatima shrine [1] , so this Ritual is linked ; 
and we’d have skipped news like that were it not that it’s related to “the secrets of Fatima”  :
first off , we always took the latter as some discardable event meant to delude souls
but it seems that this ‘Fatima Mary’ as Mystery-Babylon links ‘Russia’ to the 144,000

paraphrasing what ‘Mary’ said 100 years ago (=as to avoid an extremely long log) ,
it was “if you will not consecrate Russia to Me , (global-) War will ensue” ,
hinting to the end of the Papacy — where the context is ofcourse Revelation ;
hénce the Vatican organized this Ukraine occult Ritual and prepares to consecrate Russia
next week : because Esau takes Fatima serious – and is afraid of something (see logs) ,
while his overheated statements now start to go Bizarre , 
like today : “Lord Christ , be MERCYFUL to (us-) Cain” [2] [we added the (us-) for context]
where uncannily is referred to “the slaying of his brother Jacob” , i.e the 144,000 ,
and all most cleverly phrased : it says “hold” the hand , not ‘hold back’ etc

background : Fatima and the ‘Sun event’ (denoting Mystery-Babylon) :
… whatever is true of the 1917 event – that people saw the sun in different colours and as 
if coming closer to earth , the point is that the sun represented the attribute OF ‘Mary’ ,
which ‘she’ calls “my immaculate heart” – namely Mystery-Babylon ;
note also how this event mocked the Revelation sign per the quote “When you see a night
illuminated by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign given you by God that he is
about to punish the world for its crimes by means of war […] . To prevent this, I shall come 
to ask for the Consecration of Russia [..] . IF my requests are heeded , ……..” 
“[then] in the end , My Immaculate Heart will triumph.”            [4]
… it is not strange that Esau takes this seriously : the RCC represénts Mystery-Babylon !

the ‘failed Consecration’ and the (still hidden-) ‘Third Secret’ :
… Esau has made several attempts to execute what ‘Mary’ had asked : in 1940, ’42, ’52 
and 1981 and ’84 ; though he has declared the latter as valid he obviously is not sure still ;
hence the new attempt this 25 March where he indeed gained the massive support of souls
because of his Ukraine occult Ritual !
— he never released the real contents of that ‘third secret’ , but in the doctored version  
a theme could appear as a war between “the Angel (=Michael ?) VS the lady ‘Mary”   [4] 
where this ‘Angel’ seems to LOSE from the ‘dear Lady’ :
just how close is this to the “War In Heaven” theme …?
and whatever the real version was : Esau seems to take it very seriously !

why ‘Russia’ …?
… that is also something wé’d like to know — perhaps , because God chose old-Palestine
to represent Eden (-in the other reality) with its hostile neighbours in the north (-realm) , 
the earthly ‘north’ (as Russia) is now CLAIMED by Mystery-Babylon in the sense that she
will “not allow the candidates of the 144 there to be part of the 144,000” …?
– please : we but try to put a sensible hypothesis here …
which may be linked to Esau’s widespread accepted falsehood about ‘Gog is Russia’ ,
where this Lie may very well be the engine óf that constructed Claim

the ‘immaculate heart’ and the date : the 25th of March :
… outwardly this ‘immaculte heart’ thing is about “the seven sorrows of Mary” ,
shown in statues and murals as “seven swords piercing through ‘her’ heart” , 
but because it’s a cover-up (like Esau’s “Purim” feast) the real nature of this event 
must be “the 7 things which ENDANGER Mystery-Babylon” , as the dangers which 
for centuries have been Ritually exorcized through the Rituals of the Vatican , until now ;
question is : what are these ? ;
… by context there can only be 1 answer : the concepts God asked us to understand
in prophets , like “this sun ; the eden-sun ; the eden-land itself ; the cornerstone”, etcetera ,
because by understanding these , Babylon will fall ;
the March 25 date :
… he probably chose it because of hurry (“work the iron while it’s still hot”) ;
where the “festival of the Annunciation of the Lord” – read : the pregnancy of the réal Mary – 
should link to “the birth of the 144,000” ;
interestingly , this date was already massaged yesterday by several MSM-outlets talking
about “Russian aggression will dwindle about 10-14 days” ;
closing :
… all you have read above is how Esau’s type of Sorcery works : first ensure the energy
of millions of souls through a created Ritual event – then offer the energy to Mystery-Babylon ;
but you are given the Legal Right to annul this , if you understand what is happening
and agree that this is Esau’s Ritual murder of Jacob — see his own words

please you won’t be angry with us ; if we missed something let us know

the Ukrainian excuse-goats ‘asking for the consecration’ :

(Anna’s dream , when this Ukraine ritual started)
“dreamed of being at St Mary’s school… where we use to live next door to and Mum taught at..
it was the catholic school I went to …. Then later…i went to “ Sacred Heart College”
I don’t think it can be stated more clearly than this –
a cleft palette :
Openings or splits in the roof of the mouth and lip.”
(for the importance of “opening of the mouth” see last posted CT ;
interesting : so how we link the above to this war Ritual.. ?)



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