16 october 6 PM
fuck this Esau’s Dystopian Hellhole —
… get us Out , Sir , in the next days
and you repay them




16 October (log 1 of 3)
again about the 15th (21 oct)
… interesting enough to show ; we looked at the
history of her dreams and she definitely has solid
recurring themes building up to a crescendo ;
like this one from yesterday , >>
interesting is ‘the footballer’ – which we think is ús ;
per her yesterday’s vid [1] about ‘a stadium’ and
‘a graduation’ (read: the 144) , mentioning a date in
the sky “2017-2018” – which isn’t further explained –
but which happened to be the start of this site
exactly begin October , 3 years ago

(and this theme links even further back in her dreams , see the October 7 one) ,
which is the theme of “the three persons” in this one , aka ‘the 3d year’ theme ;
ofcourse ,
it are “but” dreams and we can’t prove them – but we need the Hope …
(btw, dreamt receiving a kind letter of an unknown person — these vids..?)
(see also the Aug. 24 one , “the 144” + ’10-and-half’ theme)

(2 of 3)
… we are sure that Esau corrupted the contents of the 5th and 6th feast :
the priest must have sprinkled the Ark during the feast of trumpets
since that is the moment when the Original is united with her soul again
(namely when the 144,000 leave) ;
then the Atonement feast is NOT related to Christ , but depicts the Lev.16
goat “which was sinned-laden and sent off into the desert” ,
but read : the tribulation – where the sinful goat [=’this body’] will perish” :
this matches “the affliction for the soul” as part of Atonement ;
… second :
Atonement seems to link to Acts 27 , but we looked at Acts, and this chapter
is the same incredibly corrupted as other lost chapters (see NT index) :
Esau turned it into a type “Gulliver’s Travels” which supposedly happened to Paul ,
but look at the survived roots :
line 9 : “the fast (-passed=will happen)” (=fast is Atonement) , + “a hazard” ;
line 10 : “hurt and much danger” + “souls” ;
line 17 : “fearing”, “falling” and “driven-away” ,
line 19 : “the third day”                                                                          (=year ; sic, sic)
line 20 : “neither sun nor stars appear” ,                                                  (sic)
                 “all hope to be saved was gone”                                                   (sic)
line 21 : “but after long time Paul (=144) stood in their midst” (=of Jacob)
                 “and the men (=Jacob) recognize me (=them , the 144)”
next lines
mention “fourteen” (27) , “fifteen” (28) ,
line 31 : “saved”
line 32 : “cut off the ropes of the boat” = ‘cut of this body from the soul’ ;
… you see that all themes LINK
but we won’t be able to restore these chapters (-neither) …

(3 of 3)
… we’re not so interested in the 666 theme anymore – but just want to go home ;
having seen the Carrie vid a week ago , this seems a confirmation —
titled “the Thing (-in the vaccine)” :
[1] https://www.bitchute.com/video/CgYTjZYNjUvR/
[2] original segment , English subtitles ,
(and ofcourse when Esau will start up his 5G , and vaxxed people will start
to bleed from all orifices, Esau will say “it is the Marburg virus type”
(-Mär in old-German is ‘fairytale’) , because he follows his own created
blueprint of all this plandemic called ‘spars pandemic 2025-2028 scenario’)



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