16 september
… the engine of the van which I delivered aid – as foodparcels etc – with
had broken down and I would need to repair it , when a (familiar) woman
came to me , worried that I could not help her with her sunday school
classes making the Christmas performance in three weeks time .
I said not to worry because this wouldn’t take long – but the engine was
much more damaged than I thought , and required to be taken apart .
When finally it worked again I parked up in front of the (unknown) church ,
the streets of the town were totally empty – just some leaves blew by ,
because everyone had come to the indoor sports hall of the church .
The hall was packed , I found a seat and saw that the performance
just had started : several classes , from about 6-16 years old . stood
on the main floor while the same woman coached them from the side .
A few youngsters introduced the story – then all youth formed groups
and made constant changing figures , flowing forth upon the music ,
it was a breathtaking perfect symmetry , also from the little ones ;
then they formed a choir for the closing song , it was brilliant ,
complete with second voices and even third
… after the final note the entire public was totally silent for seconds ,
one could hear a pin drop – then they suddenly started to jubilate
and applaud so loud that the sound could have teared off the roof
– yet I sobbed , from amazement of what I just saw , and of … shame ;
and woke up in tears

the performance ‘in three weeks’ was about Christmas , the youth can
only have been the 144,000 – where ‘Christmas’ is “the day they are born”,
while the public , by analogy , must be ‘Heaven’ ; a ‘car’ always represents
the “personal awareness”. It’s unclear whether the ‘three weeks’ can refer
to the Oct.6 date (see a previous log) but even then it’s still a long time

this is the first usable dream again in 1,5 years … the shame … the broken
down engine – in spite of everything we learned this is a shameful state Sir
… it is because of the endless days … – Anna had a dream , years ago ,
showing it would be like this … a soul can only carry so much Sir



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