17 februari
>> only as hint how the gorgious female-Original
dwells within the male [-one] ;
not related to the silly type ‘sex’ as we know it


17 februari
dream – again about ‘leaving our place’ ;
our small group collected the final things while on our way out
(and one of those things was strangely an iron object) ;

the dream changed – I obviously had gotten a baby-daughter :
she was very sweet and expressing her first words ,
and she had beautiful eyes like an adolescent girl
.. we found the entire matrix-construct abóve [now-] their gate ,
but the material is much to write & post it , at this moment —
however, in them shows “a stolen (eden-) star”
and hence we did “the message to Thyatira”, posted tomorrow ;
where this star suggests “invincable eden-speech” for the 144,000
(said in Rev.2 as “iron sceptre” , and compare ‘the daughter-construct’)



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