17 februari
posted [full]  Amduat IV : attacking the eden moon
                   first stage : creating the corridor (Vector) tówards it
… – this morning a dream about several problematic glyphs which 
finally formed “Horus has been ruling her” – the ‘her’ as an eden concept
(likely) being our family banner , the Revelation woman ;
coupled with a dream where “our old friends from Bohemia (?) returned
after having been absent a few years because hindered by others” 
– never dream about that region nor having friends there , and the glyphs
cóuld be because of the job now – but unlikely : let’s just hope it is true
… – get us out Sir ; please … you do hear .. now please also act

17 februari
exact the point of that Ritual :
Esau buying precious time ;
see two logs ago (DM , 17/02)



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