17 february
why ‘the Great Jubilee’ – the ‘day of acceptance’ – must be our Date

.. looking into this matter it appears that our option was right – see yesterday’s page ;
only in Leviticus 25 is given a date for the Great Jubilee : at Atonement (the 7th month) ,
however : Atonement is rather Negative : as the start of the time of Jacob’s Trouble ,
and considered the overall context ‘Atonement’ can not be true    —
the Great Jubilee is consistently linked to “man returning to his property” (Lev.25:10) ,
to “a plot of ground” (Lev.27) , to “ground as inheritance” (Num.36) , while in Exodus 19
the people “had to come up unto the mountain Sinai” and that “at the third day” , sic :
all of the context shóuts that this is about ‘our return to eden’ 
           … so ATM we search palpable chapters concerning this Great Jubilee theme ;
           the finds are added to pinned list , see above — but restoration will take some time



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