17 januari

dream (English)

….what is this division with our American friends..?
– our company had crossed a hostile mountainrange ,
it was late evening already .
I drove some vehicle like a (motor-) bike with three wheels ,
it’s back carried a horizontal bar with several type red lights ,
different from the mere two lights of normal vehicles
Passing two or three cars , belonging to our company ,
also an US police patrol car was parked next to them –
it’s whole top and sides flashing with bright blue and red lights

… some guy wished to speak with me ;
and took me to some piste , not far located from the cars ;
it was totally dark now , the snow reflecting in the cold .
Arrived at the open place , he showed me some drawings ,
they was placed upon 3-footed carriers as paintings would be ;
he shone with his flashlight upon each of them consequently ,
asking me ,
“because of the woman I love – would you dare to do it ?” ,
pointing to the grim black slope of the mountain in front of us

.. “the woman he loved” he had drawn as those images ,
yet they were horrible .. ugly .. worse as a child could draw ,
with very large eyes in a small crumply face
and his question was “if i would drive down from that mountain ,
in the dark (with a big chance to make an accident and die)” .
I looked at him ,
i knew it was a Trap , and knew that hé knew it was one ;
I wasn’t sure why he then asked it ; I thought of the patrol car –

and woke

in all the years ,
dreaming about “a patrol car” was always demonic-related ;
[as past autumn a dream about a sleeping POTUS in that car ,
the car slowly freewheeling towards mine] ;
….but the whole type guy bothered me ..
why “the big eyed woman” ? is that about ‘sight’ again ?
is it about many American brothers “wanting more proof” ,
and the woman with the big eyes is the goddess of the patrol car ?

“I find shelter .. a million miles from home ..”


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