17 january
saying this as … silent complaint , trying to be brave —
it’s just not right that You are so silent : why you refuse to speak … ?
this is not some hóbby we do here , “if He don’t say nothing , that’s fine too” ?
Do you think this is fair … ?
– the train got on another track … a week ago , and something fundamentally
has changed but it is virtually impossible to pinpoint what has altered —
not Esau because he still pushes on with his deadly scheme , neither the girls
because cancer and oppression plague like before ,
… yet something is very Wrong , as if any moment this track could turn into
another direction as we have been heading until now — or perhaps it has
because the moving landscape has changed ; but in order to know whére
we are nobody and nothing can help until you will say something please …
because you are our eyes
– this silence must be the greatest and most impossible mystery of all



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