17 january                                                                                   + window closed ?
posted : Heb.12 (14-25) : the birth right [and runs well]  
… the Esau who doctored this chapter didn’t add or cut lines and it shows :
very readable and to the point ;
considered the window : we really don’t know what to think now … having hunted
everything we possibly could about ‘the 9th’ it is hard to believe that it was in vain :
or else why at all mention any timeframe in those several chapters .. ? right ?
         perhaps there is trouble — Maria saw [=visionlike]   a long string of waiting
         grayish cars , as before a roadblock , with in their midst a bright police car
         with blaring horn and intimidating lights … everything “police” is often ‘demonic’
         and “the string of exhausted cars” is obvious … just — it’s too little to go by


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