18 july
… horrible night … with all the time one single theme : there were two lawyers ,
one as our Jeremiah (-prophet) making our case .. versus a figure (-I couldn’t see)
but who was representing Thoth – the fallen archangel , the king of Mystery-Babylon
making the case for his people (‘Neanderthals’ — as the offspring of Thoth etc ?) …
today , finding Job 28 ,
an in-credible chapter how the fallen ones arranged this proto-earth & Neanderthals ,
tying in with the Cush theme and proving the interpretation of (the end of-) Obadiah ! ,
… but so bizarre & corrupted it will cost a day … and drinking right now sorry
please promise you plead & do wait for the chapter …
17 july [7pm]
posted : Am.8 : the 40+ days , the anti-144 removed , the Cush ones introduced
… became a very readable chapter ;
dream : ‘the UK butcher shop’ :
… it either repeated or was also yesterday , though short    —
a rather small butcher shop of a very pleasant owner [-also towards us] who didn’t
show himself , and though no one went inthere it had long opening hours 
[-which also in some way related to us as if done for us] ;
now – I never dream about the UK ,
and pondering it today it may have been “about the delivered Cush ones” :
the ‘house’ (store) is “group consciousness” represented by ‘the kind owner’
yet the Cush ones themsélves may be ‘the slaughtered ones’ – the died ones ,
but the relation & kindness towards ús made little sense : until ‘UK’ 
as united kingdom — referring to the complete 144 ?
perhaps it’s Too Much but it can be very positive 
      your Majesty … please first know that it’s always amazing how much you
      trust us with your words … but here’s the problem : that tiny swirl of smoke
      that is left could not even stand before you … it can not even respond to you ,
      not even consider , nothing .. you’d need to first restore her as soul ,
      then spell out to her anything you would like her to know or be .. it’s so very
      disgraceful but that’s what we became … traces of smoke that will vanish if
      you would say but 1 negative word or even would give an angry look …
      then you please be kind to us … we searched everything there is to know
      concerning everything you ever spoke [-in them] , then please restore us
      even if it’s everything from scratch … promise you act next week please …



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