17 july                                                                
Weeks + 21 days [+3] (per Dan.10) : ‘the 24th’ : this Thursday ?
… we said that we couldn’t know how many days followed Weeks , 30 or 40 ,
since actually neither of both make that much Sense ,
yet this morning somehow Dan.10 came into view – the ’21 days’ – and she does :
please see here how that could work out
(how strange .. is this an answer to yesterday .. ?) 

[2PM ,
late add :] 
… we thought making an Occult Ritual log about it  >>
but are too exhausted ; we really don’t care anymore
who says what [-and see few logs ago] but if closet 
Esaus massively succeed to delude others as the
arguably most serious group  , guiding their energy to
a date picked by Esau representing the  continuation 
of the day of Adam’s curse : that’s a bridge Too Far 
[while both in title and inside he pokes at/mimicks us] 
       … therefore Sir you protect out of that group those
       who are of you please — like you do us here

[2nd add :] 
to be sure you understand please : the whole ‘Tish B’Av’ is an Esau construct as
culmination of ‘the 3 weeks’ that started at the calf ; it has NOTHING to do with
some “mourning for temples” but is a fake mourning for the righteous ones that
have died , in the sense of “the king [=Jacob]  is dead – long live the king [=Esau]  “,
it is as diabolical as áll his tricks and traps ;
and concerning the date : we never CARED ‘to be right’ – we weren’t anyway –
but at least we followed the Legal way  [-of reaching the real date] 

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