17 March
Hebrews 11 (utterly corrupted) contains ‘Jericho’ and ‘lion mouth’ (gate)

… since we are now at ‘the opening of the mouth’ theme
compare the strange expression of Putin (to right) ; 
and equally strange is the statement of the bishops :
why go wake up sleeping dogs with this quote ? ,
since the statement does the ópposite of what it wanted
to achieve — which we know it IS ‘Magick’ ;

the ‘Opening of the Mouth’ Ritual in ancient Egypt :
… arguably THE most important ritual in those times ;
where “the opening of the eden gate (-of speech)” 
was about the eden word — or read : light-particles —
to stream into their evil dimension ,
bringing Life to Mystery-Babylon (glyph ÁN) on her
land Chaldea (glyph GEB) in the solarplane (glyph ÁT’B) ;
and to ensure that the eden light would kéep on streaming 
the repetitive ritual of “opening the mouth” was invented ;

the link between their ‘opening of the mouth’ and us :
… several prophets mention that the direct enemies of the 144
are “the sons of Ammon” – the latter as corrupt adam-souls who
received a corrupt spirit-body (the BA) in the evil other reality , 
and who , because of their nature , are able  to “invoke eden aspects” 
which then come to their evil realm  (and see posted CT) ;
it means that we are fighting on THIS level 



against an enemy who is currently hiding this war by a created event on earth ;
and it cannot be coincidence that Christ mentioned ‘the door’ (gate, mouth)
concerning the completion of the 144,000 in the right now Philadephia church
and see below :

Hebrews 11 and the ‘Jericho’ link
… please read the interlinear chapter yourself :
it is heartbreakingly corrupted : Esau turned it into a useless list describing the
‘virtues of the forefathers’ but containing so glaring mistakes that we’re angry 
that no other christians have ever raised questions about it’s (present-) sillyness ; 
– again , please : Paul — the likely writer of Hebrews — never wasted time nor words ; 
yet Esau made it seem as if he lectured to a bunch of heathens ; but from other chapters
we know that the brothers directly communicated with Christ – 
therefore also this chapter must have been about the future, about the 144 !
… the problem is ofcourse to retrieve what he can have said ; 
“[when] the right belief will stop (=close) the lion mouth (=’matrix gate)”, line 33 ?
how cursed we are
that our most sacred texts were THAT corrupted… and we never even cared
– until f*ckn now



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