17 march
posted : Hos. 2 : the daughter of tsiun (-as eden mother) returns from the matrix

… was very corrupted but came out well and contains a reference to our Date we wait ;
then ,
it may sound a bit strange but please follow   –
yesterday morning waking with a very clear dream about ‘Ptolemy II’ (which is a bit strange
because that was the theme of two days befóre – even we’ve to finish that page still) :
it was a book by a Russian showing chiseled Greek text sections and ‘normal’ Greek beneath ,
and I saw two terms specifically , a “concept” and “a star” of which he explained it was the 
corrupted-scroll theme
        not able to place that dream , the morning showed that Adam’s Vatican changed tactic
        by the “if you can’t beat ’em join ’em” through adding everyone and his mother to us
        (as 144) ; you know now how to read Rituals and we added it in pinned above ;
        however I did not make to much of it after having read it
— until last night : once in bed , speaking with Him (-and hoping for any response ofcourse)
she definitely felt as “standing within a crowd” as beings hindering  to approach Him ,
and immediately the article and dream came back in mind
        … it’s hard to say how – if true – this “flooding of us” could happen – and be allowed ,
        but it is not impossible that the crimes against our poor SRA ones or/and even our 
        Originals is being ramped up ; 
        then Anna sent this , also from 36-48 hrs ago , and it can be trusted 100% , 
“And I was so very exhausted
I saw Its [=demons]… was violent… 
But the malevolence was directed at each other .. they were fighting …and was  bloody
Then straight after
Was very clear
A woman with thick long jet black hair but pale skin… it was like she was with the same theme 
as the It’s… she had her head a bit tilted down and was writing with pen on paper… it seemed  
the ink was blood red… or she was writing with blood…and was the same theme as the  violent 
murderous Its… “ bloody”. Or “ blood being spilled”
                … therefore please don’t forget to plead for yourself and for us all 
[3/18 :]
… something is not right —
after losing the soul a year ago [-who knows , perhaps she is in coma] 
and instead continuing with the only thing left – that small fluttering consciousness ,
it is like the dungeon she is in has been filled with … some type of soft rubber  :
she cannot even speak  no more to Him , and got totally blind
… what is this about ? yesterday ?



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