17 november
drinking – to keep that ocean of bitterness at bay
       hating logs like this
… it doesn’t help that we never “see a name of a person or animal conforming to 
some Strong’s number meaning something combined with a zodiac sign plus a 
corrupt verse , together indicating a certain date” — we leave that to YT Sorcery — 
because apparently we’re not doing 1 fck better and remain with empty hands 
in spite of so carefully staying with the context of lines
         I tell you yesterday we even tried to link John 2 13-22 which is ofcourse corrupt ,
         with the themes ‘three’, ‘to re-build’ and ‘temple’ (tabernacle) to Hag. 2&3 having
         the same themes — but all three are so corrupt that we’d have had to fill it in , 
        with a large chance that a detailed interpretation would be wrong :
         this is the neverending Curse …
on the other hand : You neither never show nor tell any freaking word … what deity
leaves his servants hanging like this , as all of us that agree with what you have 
said in prophets ? what are we supposed to do now … ?
what are we to do with “the 3d year” now the Fall window has virtually ended ? 
in favor of every context we understood Trumpets was three years ago while moving
Booths to the 21st for the same reason , why is it so impossible to just say something 
to us , knowing that we try but that some details are just too corrupted ?
Christ said “no one knows the time [+corrupt insertion] but the Father” which ofcourse
was a hint to the prophets , yet even all of us who agree with you are left in the dark ? 
for you it all may be crystal clear but for us it is not — why you act like the abusive
husband in an already unequal relationship : once in a while showing a faint sign of
kindness then disappearing , leaving us lonely in emptiness and heartache … ?    
just how long our soul – or whatever is left of her – has to bear this neverending barrage ,
that daily sewer , of nonsense of this filthy clown world ? until she finally will give in ?
and just how is she supposed to stand having to hold on to a promise so diluted by now
that it is causing a rift in her between who you are – which she trusts 100% – and between
your promise now further away as ever , as having to claw out of a pit with smooth edges ?

we did not have a plan B towards you , it was all or nothing … now please what we do ?



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