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(re) posted : Is. 42 “the restored eden sun”
… as far we can judge it’s a crucial chapter —
you will see the technical details inside ,
yet what makes us wonder is the close link
between Christ , the Jubilee-year , this sun ,
and the time of departure of the 144,000 sons

… why did He say “let no-one steal your crown” –
where the “stealing” relates to “the eden-sun” in Is. 42 ?
while we knew ‘the CoJona hoax’ relates to ‘crown’,
… we saw how Esau portraits his covid as “protecting this earth” –
is he now nervous , telling his Stooges like Merkel
“that the coming days are decisive”..? [1] ; for Esau must surely
know the importance of this ‘sun theme’ or he wouldn’t have
corrupted these chapters so much

… this chapter feels like ‘our final job here’
(almost different from the many other important chapters) ;
just let it be Sir … just let it be – pleaseplease

[1] https://www.reuters.com/article/idUSKBN26Z30R



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