17 september
update : she’s home again but don’t ask how — the operation seems
inevitable one day but they wouldn’t even allow a CAT scan without 
taking the graphene jab : so she demanded – and got – strong anti 
inflammatory drugs , and we’ll try to sit out the next weeks with that ;
perhaps as the best option since Esau’s hospitals are death traps now –
thank you , and please remember it’s a war until we all go …
… then ,
posted : Is. 6 (full) : God restores Eden if the sons understand   
next ch. 5 isn’t “my uncle’s vineyard” but “the garden of Eden”   —
yes pitbull and all that : we won’t let go now
… but Sir it is like cooking an exquisite dinner sitting on a rubbish tip ;
the chapters are flawless – that is good ; but please get us Out
[09/18 :]
posted : Is. 5+2 (first part)



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