18 january
the lady is a real kind soul
and the dream is very followable ; yet
– the “young” couple is not necessarily
    ‘new believers’ – because they
    were ‘ready’, yet “susceptible for
    Esau’s lies”, compare the young man ;
    it seems like a .. selection process …
– the city is ‘”earth” but immediately
    linked to Mystery-Babylon , first by
    the concept ‘sea’ but also by Tuscany ;
    the Etruscans came from the East (!)
    and were the original Italians ,
    likely from etr-, ethr-, ethr-se and -sa
    “a verb dealing with sacred actions” ;

… the “angry small crowd” may be ‘the social pressure of fellow believers of her’
which she is trying to stand up to , as it seems she is learning fast now ;
perhaps these chaotic and blind days until now are because of the girl running ? ,
and that’s why the situation is so unclear to us (do note the phrase ‘landscape’) …?
– yes Sir you did speak through this ,
and it’s comforting to know she already started running and that you help her



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