18 july                                                                                                                          [7/20 ?   7/26-8/4 ?]
posted (full) Is.55 : the Scroll  [beautiful chapter]
… she runs very well and has a very nice surprise for you , please see inside
dream :
being high up at the wall of an enormous storage cave (the D.U.M.B type)
which felt as if in Russia , forklifts drove off and on towards the opposite wall
showing rows and rows of stacked pallets with contents as a ridiculous  large
amount of papermoney — trillions — or perhaps the idea of the incredible
value ‘of the paper’ was because it were ‘birthcertificates’  ?
(we’re sure you know that our reptilian Overlords trade in them as collateral) ;
but since this was ‘the East’… was this ‘the birth sceptre theme’ … ?
        your Majesty … we really don’t care so much if it’s this Thursday or still
        two weeks ahead – just please promise that it was enough now 
[edit :] 
this Thursday please ..it appears the most logical … and why would you wait ?


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