18 may

… in the above compilation , 1) it shows how each parrots Esau’s script ;
2) the treaty is indeed his final required Legal step to implement 3 ;
3) his two Tarts promise the next gen poison jabs (and note how Esau
already anticipates upon the sideeffects of the prévious jabs) ,
while it’s easy to imagine how – after he closed down the energy grid ,
causing lack of clean water as well – all kinds of ‘diseases’ can emerge 
and people would only get access to food after taking the next jabs
(the lockdown drill in China now is to examine how to implement it here) ;
4) former Pfizer executive MD , telling as it is ; and 5) having skipped the 
hour long – bit untasty – testing ‘at the cemetary’ : though still not 100% proven
there múst be this type of ‘link’ to inside the body – or the jab project is useless

– after the above the video below came along : the relevant section runs from
21 mins in until 1hr 09 — we advise you to not watch the sections before and
after that but only at your own risk : https://www.bitchute.com/video/3bDBfgw3Z2lc/
either way it left us with sweaty handpalms and shaking the head half an hour

– Sunday afternoon it was like all energy suddenly got cut off (that ‘words’ theme ?)
making the past two days an abyss ; this morning a dream where a short line in
spells was translated as “the sons will go” (=the 144) , and checking the line it
indeed said that – followed by an unusual depiction of a torso and head surrounded
by a nimbus , in an old Greek-orthodox style 
(or can this have been about those monsters having to let go the children ..?)    —;
it’s true that the endless wait is exhausting but after seeing the vid it’s almost …
shameful if we would complain … – the poor things … (you and-) we understand 
what is said in Malachi 3 : but not that similar would be said to us because of this ..

then do not be angry wth us Sir … make this hellhole to cease , don’t say that you
would wait another six or seven endless months ; get us out and them with us ,
we cannot fail you nor them , but nothing is allright until you will act
[05/19 :]
well ; whatever ‘Truenews’ brings, they do have a valid concept here ;
Kissinger (2012) : “There will not be an ‘Israel’ in 10 years” ;
Zelinsky : “Ukraine will be “a big Israel” —
that Esau would give up his present honeytrap for christians since ’47
and relocate to Ukraine is véry imaginable , as one of the several
profitable aspects deriving from this ‘Ukraine ‘war’ which he started
bitchute.com/video/v6pfap1uAf2R/ [link removed]  
(only posted for interest – if you also have trouble w/ long evenings)



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