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… in three instances in prophets it is written
that “the bones [of believers] will be exposed”
(obviously during the second half of Revelation)
… considered the below ,
really nothing will be too insane for Canaan



18 mei
posted : (2nd part of) Heb. 6 – no title , yet
because so corrupted that we only manage in sections

we refuse to post words next to the monstrosity (log below) ;
though we really don’t give a f*ck about this present body of us ,
we felt dirty all day because of this new low by Canaan —
we start to agree that perhaps 1x more suffering (per Revelation)
would be the most merciful that can be done to so many souls
to end the hell on earth which Canaan would sustain forever
… you’ll understand our thoughtline please

18 mei
we try keep updated by scanning the ‘news’ in Esau’s dystopian world ,
and this morning showed one – which we first dismissed ,
but after investigation it appeared to be true :
as “liquified human corpses used as fertilizer for American crops” ,
where a number of states instituted this law already (since 2 years or so) ;
all perfectly in pair with Esau’s vacci-nazi-on project ,
and check his CDC page “what to do when the zombie attack happens”

[1] no fake news ; solid links :

UPD. + 2 hrs : after having asked the community , one came with



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