18 november   [2pm UTC]
[thinking out loud:] again – the blood moon
… so we know that Esau messed with the last three autumn feasts – but not how ;
IF it wrote “the eight month” that is rather usual because not really a scriptural number ,
yet there is “an 8th day of booths” where in the latter also some counting-back is going on ;

… but let’s go directly to this solarsystem  —
not made by God therefore not ‘His signs’ ,
but we could read what happens now :
at the start of the eclipse 
the moon is at the thigh of Taurus ,
near the end of the eclipse in its eye , and 
from the 20th leaving from between its horns ;
… yes a bloodmoon in Taurus happens several
times per century , always from end Oct.-Nov. ,
but the point is the meaning of both —
the (blood-) moon :
represents the matrix-stargate ; many deities               
(like Hathor – a bovine ! – depicts this red moon
between both horns : and compare the theme) ,
Hathor is part óf that gate region , where the
gate itself is represented by Horus , the falcon ,
this gate being their most important construct ;
where the colour ‘red’ 
is a dimensional (eden-) red mixed with their blue ;
the bull :

… they stole this concept from the eden-cherub , the 1 of 4 , who represents the bovine ;
and started their inversed-copied dimension by “cutting of the thigh of the bull” 
as the inverted thigh called KHEPESH — and note where this fullmoon starts ;
this bloodmoon travels across Taurus’ eye : where their red moon as gate
is constantly described as “(Horus’- ) eye” ;
and after sitting inbetween both Taurusw horns it is LEAVING from the horns ,
which is a powerful symbolic notion of “their power leaving them” ;
considered ‘patterns’ :
… it is very likely that a blood moon showed right after Christ died on the cross  [1] ,
implying similar concept – namely “that their evil realm had lost” ;
this event having taken place in the spring – to foreshadow similar in the énd of days
(just wondering … was the past week of death related to this ..?) ; 
considered ‘the countdown (-at booths)’ :
… the main theme of the Booths festival is “the soul restored in her Original (-body)”, 
we saw that the palmleaves belong to the Originals , in Revelation ;
a strange “sacrificial countdown” is happening during booths –
from “14 bulls down to seven” and the same time “from seven rams downwards” :
though in Spells the concept ‘bull’ represents their created body fróm our Originals ,
the ’14’ is a rather strange number ,
as far we can see only fitting to the Egyptian concept of “the waxing bull” : moon-related ;
this ‘waxing bull’ theme is about “the inversion of their time-space , at the 15th day ,
where the day of eden becomes the day (‘dawn’) of their matrix” ,
as the inversion caused by their gate region ,
and we wonder if this theme originally (in scripture) belonged to ‘Trumpets’ …? 
(cause why would booths with the palmleaves attribute be combined with sacrifice rituals..?) ;
… Jewish (=Pharisaic) lore has it that “hundred shofar-blasts are blown at Trumpets” ,
is that a corrupt remainder of his erased original “14 bulls down to seven” concept ? 
and would the downcount of the seven rams account for the 8th month being the 7th ? ;
– then would follow Atonement [=the day of IEUE]
– then Booths : Jacob receives their Original and dwells in eden 

yes it’s a messy post … sorry 
… – Sir , is it okay that we link the bloodmoon with Taurus to their demise ?
it would be the first time – and hopefully last – to defeat them with their own concepts …
– just promise you get us out
get all of your 144 out
do not wait no longer
you be our deity – and you explain everything what is going on please

no no – because invalid Ritual :



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