18 october
one more week …
… such was the dream this morning , 
standing on a road yet at a few yards
away on both ends this heavy mist —
and indeed today feels like something
has grinded to a halt …has stopped …
but it’s uncatchable what it is about :
perhaps as ..’the end of the journey’ ?

     (click for large) truth indeed :
     Esau can keep his fckn earth

– searching the entire net for clues / uplifting things / answers doesn’t help ,
but only confirms what incredible journey you and we have made … 
      in this motionless sphere the questions return : did we miss something ?
      did we get all the themes right ? – and the answer must be a careful ‘yes’,
      though it would’ve been nice to have it complete until the last chapter
… Majesty , this is where we stand … although we are damaged goods 
we hope that you want to forgive everything and restore every one of us ;
we’ve no other option but to breathlessly wait for the end of this next week .. 
[10/19 :]
posted (first half) : Is. 44 : final group (out of the heathens) added to the 144
… timely chapter … – protect them as well as us Sir please … – and the children 


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