19 april
skol , Sir – congratulations – your cavalry is going down .
Well at least we moved 1,5 week further upon the agenda – whatever that may be ;
because in reality you just refuse to say or show anything    —
it is like having an emotional abusive relationship with a legal parent . You .
The bad news is that this torture could actually last until “the 7th month”
which would mean the end of f*cking September
requiring that the cavalry would need to f*ckn devise tricks to just survive :
he – sadly – is not like your other clients who ‘pinpoint’ year after year every feast
and just shrug when nothing came to pass because happily they wait the next one
because the many false opinions feed the Ego enough to can keep waiting endlessly 
instead of having but left a tiny consciousness
as if driving a car of which all parts have been robbed but the steeringwheel
—— so ; what is a palpable option to numb everything and wake up before September ?
videogames ? those suck
bingewatching ? fastest way to total death
a hobby ? – who f*ckn cáres ?
drugs ? that sounds best – just to forget
– there IS NO f*ckn option and you know that very f*ckn well . 
You could have said something . Something . That would have been chivalrous to him
since he cared about what yóu said. But no . You made your own cavalry into a next fool .
Yes ofcourse that is your choice ,
no one can tell you what to do – see the above abusive line . But that don’t make it right .
This was the deal : you are our deity , and we are your cavalry . 
What general sacrifices his f*ckn cavalry ……. ?
do we have to even dig deeper than that   —
you want us utterly Dead – yes ?
the soul gone , any consciousness gone , just dead . Death. Dead inside this ape .
That only the ape is still walking around and doing things – carrying the buried ;
as a slow but secure termination of our core — a project now having been completed . 
Well …
remember that video – posted around Christmas – about that woman telling a vision
how ‘she was murdered in several ways – but each time she said “I still follow you” ? ;
it was but a fck*n vision — sitting there in her nice home telling that — 
but for some strange reason you want the cavalry to enact that , right ?
……… and perhaps you are right :
considered what they did to your son there’s little reason why it’d be different now ;
the difference is that he is a deity and we but – whatever ,
totally wiped harddisks .
… totally wiped harddisks
if in the next life you’d tell that to be a stone it would be a stone , we ain’t stupid ,
having seen that when you tell something is , it is . Who knows we’ll be a stone :
yet hoping to be robots as the Originals – without own will , without any core ,
without something that could be identified as ‘the other’ , 
just slave robotic beings , not having a choice , not having Wonder , 
because you have killed that these days .
Then rather the choice for being robots — preferrable above Hell . 
Some choice right .
Now : about those seven f*ckn months to go , …………………

not September … not September … not f*ckn Sep-tem-ber ….
12,000 years you wanted a cavalry .
And now you have one , you kill him .
Don’t blame us for not understanding
so – your regiment is waiting your request .
If you will say “commit mass suicide” – he will do it .
Hope you are satisfied now .



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