21 april : see below
20 april : see below
19 april  [9pm]                                    New year : 3 weeks still
posted : Jn.6 : the Pharisees argue with Christ about their scroll 

… incredible chapter – first that Esau has not cut it up in many pieces
but evenmore so because of the important running theme ;
tomorrow still will be added the “why the ‘eat my flesh’ is Sorcery” ;
          that said – sorry for the total off-day , Sir … please do see that she
          stands again , in spite of the excruciating heartache , facing another
          merciless empty week … however , whom you really need to help
          please are those of us who really cannot go on anymore these days ,
          don’t let them give up with only 2 wks 6 ds … 
          and still there’s the plead from all of us to you : promise  that we have
          not misunderstood the date … promise , promise

[20 april :]
… still adapted two lines in posted chapter – see also intro ;
wasted the entire morning with this to-be Occult Ritual (on 6th of May !) ,
but if Adam’s Vatican wants it to be one she’ll need to supply a proper accompanying Lie ;

[21 april :]
… well – that happened fast :
“The pope’s cathedral in Rome, St. John Lateran Basilica, acknowledged April 20 that an Anglican
bishop and 50 priests celebrated an Anglican service on the main altar and blamed the “unfortunate”
incident on a miscommunication.A statement from the office of the archpriest of the basilica expressed
“profound regret” and said the Anglican celebration April 18 in the Catholic basilica violated canonical
norms. As the seat of the pope in his capacity of bishop of Rome, St. John Lateran ranks highest
among the four Vatican basilicas in Rome.”

… ofcourse it was a set-up : the Vatican doesn’t acknowledge the Anglican yet gave them the object ,
and with this concocted event the Ritual Link became valid for the Anglicans to receive it



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