19 august
occult Ritual : you and we will be shot to the moon – august 29th
… first off , it is THE proof that Esau never ‘went to the moon’ because
the entire mission is about “radiation shielding” (look up Orion module) ;
then comes the Bizarre list of the items they stocked in the rocket :
of which the weirdest item is ‘the Mezuzah’ : a text of the Old Testament ;
because we know Esau , the long list must represent “attributes” – namely of
the 144,000 – since even “seeds” are included ; and we want to bet that he made
sure that indeed the long list – of 9784 items ! – is in reality ‘144,000’ items :
four of those are USBs of which one contains ‘14,000 entries of the Moon Contest’ 
while another four are ‘bags of seeds’ : we’re sure that they all count up to ‘144’ ;
then ,
the main mascot is Shaun the Sheep – covering Europe (region of the 144)
where the name is yours truly , where ‘Snoopy’ must refer to Judah ; the phrase
‘time capsule’ just means “you and we + the text will be removed from earth” 
namely through “a (dimensional-) gateway” – as Esau calls his Artemis project :
Artemis :
… as the sister of Apollo [=the fake landing] : Apollo represents ‘the matrix gate’ 
by his tripod – the legs of the tripod stand upon the eden gate and the smoke
coming from it is the same as the Abaddon-smoke in Revelation (and in Spells) ;
this makes his – rather enigmatic – ‘sister’ Artemis the Sekhmet lion , see Spells ,
as the copied construct and counter of the Revelation woman (tsiun daughter) : 
her attributes are : shooting arrows [=words] , a chariot drawn by four horned deer
[=the ‘four horns’ represent ‘the cardinal directions’ as in the CT spell – see index] ,
a moon [=same as the chariot ; see CT’s for the matrix gate as moon] , 
a bear / boar [=solarplane] , and ‘childbirth’ [=a false attribute relating to the
Revelation woman] , etcetera
… Sir we’re tired of his nonsense – please come to get us next week 



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