19 augustus
Sir .. we have not raped your words ,
we have not interpreted your words in a quasi magical sense ,
but simply listened to what you wanted to communicate
about a (=your) reality as a theme we fail to be aware of

… yes it’s true you had to break us to understand it (Amos 4)
and it’s very good that you did ;
but now restore us
because our own incompetence makes us to vomit

another magical interpretation of scripture
we vehemently oppose
[credits in link]



19 augustus
German chief of Police speaks out against the covid hoax
… 9 August , Dortmund , Germany —
Hauptkommissar Fritsch declares in front of several
thousand people “that he loves his job – as a person who
protects the people – but he feels that he and the force
have become servants of a political game named ‘covid’ —
ofcourse the brave man was immediately suspended [1]

(German – credits in link)

… Germany still represents Western christianity ,
but her (masculine) mindset is saturated with guilt ,
caused by Esau’s orchestrated events ;
the chief’s speech is from that background ,
and therefore his standing up is most courageous

now , Sir ,
let you to stand up those who plead your cause
because we are so tired

UPD : how many heartbreaking comments
how many souls desire to be free from the lies




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