19 december [noon]
unusual – drinking stopped , 42 hrs ago … is this related to the
“three weeks till Christmas” dream mid-September – but it was “three months”.. ?
– so it is “far into the 2nd month” now .. if we understood it all right .. – and fullmoon ,
if you will not act now , the abyss after this will be unfathomable
… we are sure that you are able to revive the dead soul Sir … even she cannot
figure out how something erased can have essence again … and though she is
afraid to appear before you , she fears more the hell if you wouldn’t take her now

this Horrible now began with that awful Silence followed by the past 2, 3 months ;
nothing of joy remained of the previous putting lines together and see the message ,
and even the many promises in them … like cannot reach the stiff soul anymore ;
as if … someone else has put them together
is this what is happening now ? that you are making your words to be yours again
because you will – rightly so – not ‘need help’ from any soul , since you gave every
soul who has to overcome a theme the cause and the power to do that ?
… just get us out Sir , please … all the 144 … but now , promise you dont wait …
and that then you tell us what you think



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