19 januari
the coming days
… we’re just pondering at what point we are , combining what is happening
in our own circle with the events going on right now —
concerning the latter, we were drawn back to Dana Coverstone’s dream
(from 6/22) where he describes “washington DC filled with troops”
(and after that total chaos and also ‘vultures’ – perhaps demons) ;
… yes his dates were off, but combined with the other (‘data’-) dream
it may show that Esau started something – the election and Capitol hoax –
which will spin out of his control ,
as if “events could be taken over – but by the evil other reality”
… while the concept of his newest dream ‘plumbline’ is one we know as
the “dimensional axis”, attested in chapters (which may very well represent
the worldtree since it causes much turmoil when applied) ; therefore the person
holding it must represent “the (message of the-) prophets”,
turning the people chained to the altar into ‘you and we’

… either way – it is possible that soon a great shaking will occur ,
for we do sense that something is building up ;
below is from Anna – and 100% reliable ,
This happened as soon as my light was out and I lay down
Only seconds after I shut my eyes .. there was a flash […..] what came from
inside both of my eyes ..[…] … it was so bright… when it happened it was like
having your eyes wide open but I wasnt looking out to this world but looking
out to another …this vivid gorgeous gorgeous panoramic..soft world what was
more than beautiful.. it was flawless… perfect….it opened up in a split second ..
i saw it both from my eyes and from my inside together…it glowed gorgeous
and soft …[…]… like a glimpse or peek…i think it was Eden life …
because Sight had been restored

Straight after the vision was gone … what replaced it was scary..I can see it now…
it was skull like in the front and had no back .. so it was like a mask … and where
the eyes once were …behind them was a cold empty blackness what had no end…
… at the same time such an evil presence filled my room … and it hated me very
very much… it was as though It’s hatred filled my whole bedroom and further …
so great was the hatred , I felt it extend a huge expansion like the whole earth
and beyond ..almost like the word “forever”… and it was a cold empty blackness
like what was behind the eyes of the vision…where was no light or life… nothingness
is the word what describes it […] what is an empty cold black universe evil and
menacing ..with the focus of that hatred directed entirely at me….I suddenly feared
very much…this made made the evil presence double… I feared more …[…]
I made me to sit straight up in bed and turn the light on ..

… all the attributes of that ‘mask’ (sic!) show us it is Horus – the face-glyph ! ,
where per CT 148 his main attribute is “(stolen-) sight” as described above
(Horus is the bird which stole the twig, per ‘the riddle’ in Ezekiel)
while we learned that “when an entity shows up it means that he has lost”



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