19 juli
first part got lost ;
… a drill was to happen as one between NATO and Russia ;
as soldier who carries orders and messages from officers
I stood alongside the wall of a large sports hall ,
the hall was filled with tables as if an exam was going on
— a few hundred Russian young men sat at their tables
and were each writing their admission request

… just before , many books had been loaded into crates ,
each book contained the sins of that certain candidate
(and let’s be honest that list each of us is booksized…)
but these had been dismissed as … nonrelevant , a formality
— now , all the young men wrote their personal reasons
as why they wanted to be part of the sons

… in dreams a decade ago ‘Russia’ played an important role
(compare dream-vision in index) , related to “the north” :
we’re sure it is a very positive dream Sir
… but it isn’t in no way a substitute for a drink

(businessinsider com)



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